Agent Success 2010

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Jim Gordon will be on hand to show you how to easily implement a full marketing plan from the ease of your computer.


Dinamica Design & Print is a small design studio based in Phoenix, Arizona; where we make it our priority to provide unique design solutions that set you apart from your competitors.

We design projects big & small; from a business card, to a complete conceptualized brand strategy. Tell us what you aim to achieve and we will deliver.


At Towne Bank of Arizona we believe in true “relationship” banking. We understand the only way we can truly serve your banking needs is to know and understand you and your business interests. Call or stop by today.  Member F.D.I.C.  


Yvette Myer

Senior Account Executive is a website designed specifically to allow real estate agents to create spectacular internet commercials that are quality presentations and more cost effective than other virtual tour companies.   Our unique website design makes marketing you and your properties easy and effective by creating online commercials for maximum internet exposure.  Once your commercials are created we provide a direct posting to over 190 social media websites, Google optimized flyers for top page ranking and search engine submission.  Our service gets you exposure!

The team wants to help you take your business to the next level and provide you with a way to gain maximum internet exposure for the most reasonable price.


The Lending Lady

LeAnn Scrimpshire, AKA The Lending Lady, is a Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist. Find out what she can do to help you close more!




Providing quality home inspections valley wide. 



480.242.2230 Direct



5304 East Southern Avenue, Suite 122

Mesa, Arizona  85206




Dr. Maria L. Orozco was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois.  She received her Bachelor of  Science degree from Loyola University in Applied Psychology, a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Biology, and her Doctor of Chiropractic degree from the National University of Health Sciences.  Dr. Orozco’s goal is to educate the community about the different ways they can keep themselves as well as their whole families healthy.  She enjoys guiding families to optimal health. Chiropractic is based on the bodies ability to be healthy and the bodies ability to heal itself with out drugs or surgical intervention.  The nervous system  controls and  coordinates all the organs and structures of the body as well as the healing ability.  The nervous system relates your body to its environment and responds accordingly.  There in no limit to your bodies healing ability.    


Ameriprise - Craig Scrimpshire

Chris D'Amato
(480) 840-3333
2 locations to serve you
valley wide

Giorgio Phillips


Paradise Carpet Cleaning, LLC


Go Clean Credit helps realtors build their sales pipeline. Send your real estate clients who can’t qualify for a loan to us. We’ll do all the work to help them get on track and send them back to you when their credit is cleaned up. You’ll be in the loop of the entire process.

Go Clean Credit removes these negative items from our clients’ credit reports every day…

Short Sales                       Repossessions

Foreclosures                   Paid Collections

Bankruptcies                   Late Payments

Charge Offs                    Fraud

Settled Judgments        Duplicate Entries

Also ask us about our Short Sale Gift Certificate Program or customized flyers to help you with your marketing.


HD Appraisals, LLC
Hugo Dittfach is a state of Arizona certified appraiser. He provides appraisals for various uses to homewoners, agents and lenders. His customer service far exceeds that of a typical appraiser.
Need a headshot?
Special $40 at the event!
Cash/Check only

Affordable Health Insurance

Lower your premium and increase your coverage

Call:  480-292-0510


Please take note of all the sponsors that will be at the event. Make sure you take time to stop by each of their tables to learn how they can help you and your business! Each one has a unique service that can help you move to the top of your game!